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Marine Harvest, more aggressive than smart?

On Tuesday the 14, of November Marine Harvest went to the BC Supreme Court to get an injunction against First Nation's people and many others who have been standing on their Midsummer Island farm to stop Marine Harvest from violating their rights and wishes by restocking this farm.

Ern  Karissa  Mo law courts

Marine Harvest did not win an injunction, the court did not force people off the farm, as is appearing in industry-frenzied reporting. What you won Marine Harvest is the opportunity to show us who you are.

The Musgamagw agreed to remove themselves and their shelters from this site for 30 days, so as to have the opportunity to prepare materials to return to court in December to argue against an injunction that would remove them from a portion of their territory. This will be precedent - setting. I expect Marine Harvest to seize this opportunity to fill the six pens that have been left empty since the 8th of September when we first occupied this farm.

Occupy Midsummer

By removing themselves from the farm, British Colombians and government get to see what kind of corporate citizen is Marine Harvest.

Moving cookshack

Premier John Horgan warned the salmon farmers in Musgamagw Dzawada'enuxw/Namgis territory not to restock farms that are on leases that will expire, before the fish are harvested. The Minister of Agriculture, Lana Popham wrote directly to Marine Harvest and warned them that BC is committed to reconciliation with the First Nations of this province, that this is a sensitive time and that Marine Harvest is not guaranteed to have their leases renewed in this area. The province of BC now has to chose between tow Norwegian - run companies and the nations of the Broughton. In the meantime they are investigating the lab that has given the salmon farming industry a chronic clean bill of health, even as other scientists report disease in BC salmon farms. All but two of the Cermaq and Marine Harvest salmon farming Licences of Occupation in the Broughton are going to expire in June 2018.

So what are you going to do Marine Harvest? Continue on your trajectory as bullies, with no sense of protocol or concern for the government and people of the lands you use and restock this farm? Or are you going to realize that your behaviour has to change, that the gamble that the Musgamaw Dzawada'enuxw would never rise up against you, supported widely by all British Columbians, has come to an end. You don't need to feel that you lost, you have made $billions of dollars off these waters, and the wild salmon in the region have almost collapsed and so you are that much closer to world domination of the salmon market. You and your shareholders have profited enormously from this, but at some point you might want to recognize the age of pillaging is drawing to an end and that you no longer have government support, that your dirty secrets have come to light, millions have seen the suffering and disease in your pens.

Here is a look at the salmon in Marine Harvest's Midsummer Island farm. Thank you to all the John and Jane Does who shot this footage. This is what Marine Harvest and Cermaq would have us give up wild salmon for. These are the fish that are a threat to wild salmon, herring and Eulachons as whatever is wrong with these fish is highly likely to be spreading far and wide in the once clean currents of this coast.

Midsumer Nov 12 open soresm
Midsumer Nov 12 open soresm

Midsumer Nov 12 emaciated Midsummer Nov 12 deformed
Open sore Mid Nov 10sm
Open sore Mid

Yes, Marine Harvest you have admitted to the court that the fish you are putting Atlantic salmon into BC waters are infected with Piscine Reovirus, which the evidence suggests is highly contagious, attacks the red blood cells and heart of salmon and is from Norway.

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You are fighting me in court with Canada's Minister of Fisheries at your side to make piscine reovirus legal to put into the waters of Canada, into our biggest wild salmon migration routes, on the migration routes of wild salmon that are now in free-fall.

Marine Harvest, the world is watching and will judge you, your industry, your country and your handmaidens in the federal government of Canada.

You just won the opportunity to demonstrate just how rogue you have become.

Your move.